Torrington Dairy Crest sits in Taddiport and was part of the dairy crest group.

This site is huge and spans over two buildings, one for processing and the other was for distribution.

A walk inside this factory is an experience on its own from its Art Deco hallways and stairs

a fantastic small old fashioned clock outside.

The ground floor‘s covered with Dartington Glass receipts and boxes but the top floor still has evidence to its dairy roots. 

We couldn’t find any milk bottling machinery like at Totnes but we did find other machines on the separator floor.

We climbed the cooling tower (not advisable) to see the sights of taddiport although recently its become unsafe as its outside in the elements. 

History of Torrington Dairy  

The site of the Rolle Canal Company’s stores was leased to Messrs Robert Sandford and Son

and there in 1874 began the Torridge Vale Butter factory, later to become the much expanded, highly mechanized Milk Marketing Board, Dairy Crest plant.

In 1993 the plant closed due to a fire on the site which damaged the drying plant

the deregulation of the industry left the structure of the plant remaining to dominate this part of the town

Leaving a huge deficit in employment opportunities.

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