Closing in 2009 the Torbay Berkeley hotel has fallen on hard times when its previous owner died and the premises sold

The site sits between a holiday camp and Housing Estate

Entering through the reception area and into the Raleigh Bar

Tables are full with crockery and books and other items

which the owners has tried to sell to recoup losses before closing the doors for good

Behind the bar glasses thrown and leaflets litter the floor

We enter the back area to where the beer store and office is including old CCTV monitors and old cash registers lay trashed on the floor

The whole downstairs area has leaflets scattered around from where local chav life has entered the premises intent on destruction

Upstairs includes another bar area and kitchen where diners can eat and relax

In another building lies a pool area with solarium although now drained and random bits of rubbish thrown in for good measure

Another block holds the rooms which many look lived in by local rough sleepers.

Rooms filled with cans of beer and drug paraphernalia and beds that look just slept in

We are not sure what lies in wait for the Torbay Berkeley Hotel

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