Tone Mill

Out of 2 explores we had planned Tone Mill was the 1st on our list.

We climb through a hole and what was on the other side amazed us all

on the other side was a virtually intact Mill with machines still in situ and carts laying around with rolls of fabric still inside. “

The site as far as we know is in the process of preservation

History of Tone Mill

Tone Works was the dyeing and finishing works

established by Fox Brothers and Co at the confluence of the River Tone and the Back Stream.

The site’s shown on the Tithe map of 1839

The site continued in production until the 1990’s.

Tone Works is a near-complete example of a C19 cloth dyeing and finishing works, which developed between c.1830 and c.1920. 

It retains all of the component structures associated with the dyeing and finishing of worsted and woolen cloths, together with the machinery and fittings required for those processes

Tone Works in its present form is an exceptional survival in a national context

not only for the completeness of the building complex but also for the survival of its machinery, water management system and power generation plant.


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