On arriving the Talgarth Asylum we realized just how big the site was.

We make our way around the different rooms and corridors taking pictures

until a member of the group stepped on a floor that was rotten.

instantly in slow motion watch as he was strangely held up even though the floor underneath him caved in. 

Luckily he was ok and it just goes to show that our hobby isn’t the safest but Its one experience I’ll never forget as long as I live

                 History of Talgarth Asylum

The building, designed by Messrs Giles, Gough and Trollope of London followed the compact arrow plan and built at a cost of £126,000.

It opened amid public ceremony on March 18, 1903, by the Rt. Hon. Lord Glanusk

Second World War, the hospital took in 67 male and 48 female patients from Cardiff City Mental Hospital which requisitioned as a war hospital.

In 1948 the hospital became part of the National Health Service.

With the advent of ‘Care in the Community’ and changing attitudes towards mental health care

services at the hospital wound down during the 1990s and the last wards closed in 1999.

Following closure, the buildings and surrounding estate sold to the former Chief Medical Officer for just £227,000.

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