South Efford House

South Efford House, which faces north-east, consists of a principal central portion, with two wings. South Efford House, on the south bank of the River Avon, is though t to originate in the late C18 […]


Lee Bay Hotel

On a hot day we head to Lee bay, this foreboding hotel sat on the seafront looks menacing, it involved a lot of climbing but once inside we could chill. We decide to work from […]


China Clay Cornwall

Entering China Clay Cornwall involves a lot of climbing providing a lot of laughs all round. Work seems to have stopped while the new facility next door roars on China clay, or kaolin, was first […]


Bourton Mill

Bourton Mill used to process wet foods and turn them into powder such as milk. we took a good look around and even found the machines that dried the goods into a fine powder. you […]


Penhale Camp

Penhale Camp, near Holywell Bay about six miles outside of Newquay originally developed by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in 1939 as an emergency measure to train anti-aircraft gunners. Evidence of the gun sites, searchlight […]

Night Life

Millennium Nightclub

The Gaumont Palace (Millennium Nightclub) in Union Street, Plymouth, opened in 1931. fluted columns and tiled foyers immediately attract attention whilst inside the auditorium a mighty Compton organ sits at a cost of over £6,000. […]