River Yealm Hotel

In 1891 the proposed River Yealm Hotel is designed, builders employed and work starts. The original idea for the River Yealm is that it would provide accommodation for potential purchasers of the building plots into […]


Fantasy Foods

“As I sit writing this I can still remember the Fantasy Foods smell … Coffee and Ice-cream mixed with damp. The whole place is filled with various ingredients for mixing into the ice-creams  and various machines […]


West Park Hospital

West Park Hospital built by London County Council during the years 1913-1924 and officially opens on 20 June 1924. It provided for 2096 patients and is the last hospital in the programme to establish five […]


China Clay Cornwall

Entering China Clay Cornwall involves a lot of climbing providing a lot of laughs all round. Work seems to have stopped while the new facility next door roars on China clay, or kaolin, was first […]


Bourton Mill

Bourton Mill used to process wet foods and turn them into powder such as milk. we took a good look around and even found the machines that dried the goods into a fine powder. you […]