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Sandhill Park Hospital – Taunton

A look inside the former Sandhill Park Hospital, nr Taunton, Somerset, Visited June 2006 Taunton, UK (Mid demolition phase)   Former room at the hospital heavily decayed Opened in 1919 as a care facility for girls and then in 1925 as a hospital for mentally retarded children The military took over in 1940 and for a few years it was leased to the American government. 1990 saw the land sold off by the NHS and Sandhill had a few reincarnations […]

West Park Hospital, Epsom

A look inside West Park Hospital or ‘West Park Asylum’ as it is more commonly called. Visited April 2005 Epsom, London (Partially Converted)   Old washing machines sit rusting away Construction was started in 1912 and the hospital was opened in 1923. The Architect was William C. Clifford-Smith, the architect to the City of London at the time, and he designed it with colony principles but on a echelon plan. This formation lead to easy access to each area by […]

Mid Wales Hospital – Talgarth

A look inside the former Mid Wales Hospital in Talgarth, where barbaric treatments were inflicted on patients Visited Nov 2015 Talgarth, Wales (Abandoned)   Corridor inside main building. The cieling is slowly decaying Built in 1900 and opened in 1903, the hospital, also known as Talgarth Hospital and the Brecon and Radnor Counties Joint Lunatic Asylum, operated for 99 years before its closure in 1997 and sale in 1999. The hospital was designed by the partnership of architects John Giles, […]