Palace Hotel Torquay

The Palace Hotel Torquay created in the 1920s from a villa built for the Bishop of Exeter .

In 1921 the building is purchased by George Hands who was at the time a Birmingham Industrialist

who extensively modified the residence to create a hotel.

in 1930 wings are add to create a block of development

that extended across the valley, from Babbacombe Road to Ansteys Cove Road.

Bishopstowe’s outbuildings are took down, and new buildings including the covered swimming pool.

Beyond this was a garage and staff accommodation, partially reusing existing buildings

and covered tennis courts on the site of the old kitchen garden.

The Palace Hotel Torquay a grand destination hotel for well healed guests,

With advertisements targeted those with their own motor transport and drivers.

Facilities included a grand ballroom, sun lounges, squash courts, gymnasium, cinema,

indoor bowls and skittle alleys, covered tennis courts and a golf course.

On 25 October 1942 the building suffered damage from two bombs – one a direct hit

What seems like a good idea has turned bad with the new company now tearing the building down

Old ceilings and furniture has been took outside and left to the elements

All this mindless vandalism for a new “Glass House” Modern Hotel i just hope the council hangs its head in shame for approving

Palace Hotel Torquay


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