Ottermill Switchgear

Ottermill Switchgear

​Attempting to revive the local economy, Sir George Yonge and Sir John Duntze, Members of Parliament and joint Lords of the Manor

launched a scheme in 1788 to build a new manufactory at Ottery, for the carding and spinning of wool

using the recently-invented water frame machinery. 

At the same time, the original corn mill, which had stood here for 700 years, was took down, and a new, much bigger one built.

In 1824 the enterprise is converting to the manufacture of silk, with up to 400 female workers.

In 1897 the factory is Keetch & Co, brush manufacturers. 

The newer part of the complex was once Ottermill Switchgear

which later became Eaton Cutler & Hammer Ltd, which closed down in 2003.

Ottermill were world famous for their engineered switchboards and motor control centers and notably their Ottermet and Unimet ranges.

at one time they hired over 200 employees. 

The factory itself is huge with a massive factory floor and offices above

we walked around here for a few hours and come across old adding machines.

Not much survives inside and not much has been vandalized although as we publish this the building has now gone completely

Were not sure what’s been built in its place


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  1. Hi there, I live in this town and also Urbex as a hobby. This building is in fact still standing. The owner of River Island has bought in and turned it into flats at no profit apparently in order to prepare for a bigger project. It’s not far off finished now! Looks quite snazzy now!

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