Convent of Notre Dame

The Convent of Notre Dame is in Derriford, Plymouth, and the chapel is buil t in 1971 to the designs of a Mr. Lane.

It contains a stained glass window Father Charles Norris of Buckfast Abbey, Devon, who sadly died in Torbay Hospital on Wednesday, May 12th, 2004. 

Cardio Analytics is forme d in 1994 by David Morris, still the managing director, and Jeff Batson, still pharma services director.

Mr. Morris had been the senior chief cardiac clinical scientific officer and cardiology manager at Derriford Hospital,

while Mr. Batson had been the hospital’s chief cardiac clinical scientific officer.

Both are joined by Ian Jarvis, a chartered accountant who joins the board as finance director in 1999. 

The company, then based at Richmond Walk, began by providing cardiac investigation ECG services for GPs,

but soon expanded into analyzing heart scan data for major pharmaceutical firms and clinical research organizations worldwide.

After a 1997 move to the former Old Convent of Notre Dame school, in Derriford, the firm expanded again, this time into clinical trialing.

The business expands and moves to TSP, in 2001

The Original Convent is completely destroye d during the bombing of the Second World War. 

This has now gone

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