Mount wise Bunker

After visiting Mount Wise Bunker on a guided tour 10 years ago before operations were ceasing we recently found out a well know bunker opener had broken into Mount Wise

armed with only a torch and camera phone the Urbanexboi team re-enter the bunker it has explored 10 years earlier

The site has been vandalized a fair bit from the local youths who got in after it was broken open which was sad to see

Plymouth’s secret history lies in a two-mile warren of underground tunnels.

entering via a bunker built in 1940, its seven-feet reinforced concrete roof designed to withstand a 500lb bomb direct hit.

The tunnels, now damp and eerily dark in places, reek of military history.

You pass old mess rooms and briefing areas, canteens, and abandoned telecoms centers, all secured by foot-thick steel doors.

Until a decade ago, this subterranean world was full of 200 naval staff working 24-7.

Even the people of Plymouth did not know of the cloak-and-dagger operations engineered from below their land.

Nor did Plymouthians know that the tunnels were a nerve center of secret intelligence and telecommunications guiding naval operations during the Falklands War in 1982.

Currently, this site is under development for a new housing estate.

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