Millennium Nightclub

The Gaumont Palace (Millennium Nightclub) in Union Street, Plymouth, opened in 1931.

fluted columns and tiled foyers immediately attract attention

whilst inside the auditorium a mighty Compton organ sits at a cost of over £6,000.

Mr. Leslie James entertains the audiences on this during the intervals that week.

The walls of the cinema covered by acoustic felt and fabric to prevent echo.

Dressing rooms have also been provided. 

The Millennium Nightclub closes its doors in 2004 by the Luminar Leisure group.

they had moved their operations to a new multi-million-pound development called Oceania

which could cope with more capacity than the millennium complex could.

More recently its sold on to GOD TV who in turn closes its UK operations after gutting the insides into an empty shell.

When we visited the Gaumont there were at least 25 brand new under counter chillers

brand new equipment that was just left by Luminar not to mention staff records showing numerous suspensions for drinking on the job

were not sure what’s going to happen to this place now but rumors are that its due to be demolished to make way for a grand boulevard which used to be this once busy clubs name

as of 2020 this club still sits empty


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