Lee Bay Hotel

On a hot day we head to Lee bay, this foreboding hotel sat on the seafront looks menacing,

it involved a lot of climbing but once inside we could chill.

We decide to work from the top and work our way down and could see that a small fire

has been here at some point as partway of the corridor is black

Most of the rooms are pretty much the same although all stripped there are signs of water damage all around the hotel

We c
ome to the ground floor which has warnings that police dogs are training on-site but overall the explore itself was flat most of the rooms look the same. 

Closed in June 2008 the hotel is originally built in the 1800s as a Manor House.

Eventually this became the Lee Bay Hotel where they could accommodate up to 120 customers

and employed up to 50 members of staff during the summer months.

Unfortunately, we could find no information on why this place had been close d.

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