After walking down a country footpath we spotted Glitterball House on the side. This sorry looking building has seen better days

After climbing over a small bank of mud we were in the garden.

Looking at the outside the wall doesn’t look stable and bows slightly

covered in overgrown bushes and trees all the way up and strangely enough old scaffolding tower

An old Land Rover lies in the garden which seemed a waste

On entering the house the floorboards are missing and items littered all over.

The kitchen included tins of old food well past its sell by date to the point that tins are decomposing on the shelf

Other items in the property included Artwork and an artists studio in one of the rooms off the hallway

Upstairs in the bedrooms old Photos litter the once pristine hallways the ceiling is coming down in some parts

Overall we are not sure why Glitterball house lies abandoned but more recently we have heard of someone leaving notes in the property

Aimed mainly at Urban Explorers it tells that they should “watch their backs”

Due to people taking various objects were not sure if this building is still standing.

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