Fantasy Foods

“As I sit writing this I can still remember the Fantasy Foods smell … Coffee and Ice-cream mixed with damp.

The whole place is filled with various ingredients for mixing into the ice-creams 

and various machines but most of the ice creams melted away. “

History of Fantasy Foods 

The site is the home to a quarry until the purpose-built Fantasy Foods factory is buil t.

“Fantasy Food’s” make ice-creams for the Devon area but is more locally focuse d in Plymouth

While we are not sure why the company suddenly cease trading

we know that all stock & machines and even the ice-cream vans are left behind

 Not long after closing a series of arson attacks hit the site first starting off with the ice cream vans and then the main complex

with the attacks becoming more frequent the site is then bulldoze d and new homes now sit on what was Plymouth’s Ice Cream Factory


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