South Efford House

South Efford House, which faces north-east, consists of a principal central portion, with two wings.

South Efford House, on the south bank of the River Avon, is though t to originate in the late C18

A ferryman’s cottage originally stood on the site and that this may have formed part of the north-west wing of the current house.

The shaped gable at the centre of the house bears the date 1760

which may be the date the house was constructe d

although the gable itself is not original and probably dates from the latter years of the C19.

During the 1770s the house was in the possession of a Richard Hobbs

it remains in his family until in 1787 it was sold to Christopher Savery, a lawyer, and member of a prominent South Hams family.

Later in life the home was part of Crocus Care, a care home facility for elderly patients

This closes due to having a small patient intake as apposed to its other facilities

We are not sure whats now going to happen to this building as the insides are now showing extensive damage and structual damage

This former nursing home still lies abandoned and neglected

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