(Dunblobbin Theme Park) Whilst looking for explores online we came across Mr Blobby’s House .

At first we couldn’t find it coming across numerous other parts of the “Dunblobbin Theme Park”. 

We head up a side path overgrown with bushes and through a stone tunnel with a crest of arms above

At the end of the tunnel was a sorry looking state called Dunblobbin (Mr Blobby’s House)

The outside of Dunblobbin is run down with bits of furniture scattered outside from the rave it had a few years ago

The creepiest part of the explore was inside the house where mostly animatronics would greet visitors as they walk around

Although now were told that the house has been demolished and all that’s left is a concrete slab and a fenced off area

History of Dunblobbin

Visitors flocked to the house, named Dunblobbin, when it opened in 1994

following the success of the pink and yellow-spotted character on popular Saturday night television show Noels House Party.

closing its doors in 1999 when the programme ends, hosted by Noel Edmond’s, is end by the BBC.

Since then the site has been left to fall into disrepair

The buildings are covered in moss and furniture left broken and scattered around dingy rooms

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