Noel’s House Party was a popular family entertainment programme on the BBC during the 1990s.

The program was hosted by Edmonds in the fictional village of Crinkley Bottom and also included Mr. Blobby as a comic relief character that gained fame during the decade.

Hoping to capitalize on the popularity of both, Edmonds and his production company Unique looked into ways to open a theme park based around Noel’s House Party.

The first theme park opened in Somerset in 1994

a year later Edmonds pulled out of backing the park, though due to contractual rights the majority of the attractions remained but were removed a year later.

References to Mr Blobby were removed with Noddy being used as the main character for the rebranded Cricket St Thomas Wildlife Park.

Dunblobbin’ was closed during this time and sealed off

The owners of the land initially blocked off the site and then demolished Dunblobbin’ in 2014 to stop people going to the house because of vandalism and as it was being used as a site for illegal raves.

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