We visited Dawlish Asylum at night making our way around we had to close the doors quietly so they didn’t slam.

We managed to get to a sort of hall thing at then end then walked back out.

walking back to the car that we realized every single door was wide open.

and what confused us more was that the electrics were not working so the magnetic posts wouldn’t have worked and as such cannot explain why everything was open.

We went back during the day the place held a very creepy atmosphere which put us on edge.

Most of this has been torn down although it sits next to a live unit which at the time we were not aware of

best part was coming across the morgue and morgue trolley in situ which we though would of all been taken out when they closed the doors

  History of Dawlish Asylum

Dawlish Asylum built in the 1930s to accommodate 700 hundred adults and children with learning disabilities.

Many changes have occurred since that time and many of the buildings of the past are now derelict 

The most significant developments came in the early 1980s with the opening of a 30-bed Regional Secure Unit

The in-patient facility aspect ended in 1992


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