Dance Academy

The Palace Theater (Dance Academy) on Union Street, Plymouth

for the Livermore Brothers in 1898 by the architects Wimperis and Arber

as a Music Hall and Variety Theater and formed part of a development which also included a Hotel called the Grand Western Hotel.

The Theater opened as the New Palace Theater on Monday September the 5th 1898 with a variety show.

the original lavish auditorium and stage house was completely destroye d only three months after

the Theater opened by a serious fire on the 23rd of December 1898.

in 1983 the Theater closes and becomes a nightclub called the Academy 

The academy (Dance Academy) was one of the biggest clubs in Plymouth until 08/05/06 after a raid at 1.15 am which saw up to 140 officers in riot gear storm the main entrance

undercover police suspect that drugs are being sold on the premises

the club was then shut down the same night and has been unable to operate since.

In 2015 a charity based in the South-East of England purchased the venue on a 35-year lease of the owner, the charity (GO! Great opportunities)

have released plans to turn the empty venue into Plymouth’s first ballroom while also returning to a theater again.

The renovations started in May 2015 and are due to finish 48 months later in 2019.

The project is the largest volunteer project in the South-West of England.

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