Burngallow Driers Cornwall

Entering Burngallow Driers involves a lot of climbing providing a lot of laughs all round.

Work seems to have stopped while the new facility next door roars on

China clay, or kaolin, was first discovered in Cornwall by William Cookworthy 260 years ago.

A Quaker apothecary-cum-potter, Cookworthy found the clay deposits at Tregonning Hill near Helston in 1746.

It was of much finer quality than elsewhere in Europe and marked the beginning of the English white porcelain industry. 

The first clay company’s established in 1782, and by the late 19th century, 100,000 tonnes is being excavate d a year in Cornwall.

Kaolin is now being used to whiten paper, and this soon became its primary use.

English China Clays forms in 1919 when the three largest producers, West of England China Clay Co, Martyn Brothers, and North Cornwall Clays, merged.

In 1932 ECC acquired its rivals John Lovering and HD Pochin.

English China Clays is bough by Imetal of France in 1999 for £756m, and renamed Imerys.

The operation has stopped at Burngallow Driers and a lot of sites owned by Imerys although the site next door was busy with trucks coming and going throughout the explore

Hopefully this site will make way for an expansion of the works next door


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