Central Park Air Raid Shelter

When war broke out in 1939, the character of Central park changed considerably

it quickly turns into allotments for growing food, and space set aside air-raid shelters and a prisoner of war camp.

In the post-war years, there was little capacity for restoring the park

since re-building the devastated city centre and providing new housing took priority.

It is only more recently that piecemeal improvements have taken place and what you find today is a useful, if slightly uninspiring, green space.

Central Park Air Raid Shelter itself is medium size and amazingly posters still on the wall although faded.

The one thing that hit me was the complete silence I could hear nothing of the city above

you can only wonder what it was like in one of these while the bombs dropped above in the city

The corridors themselves are pitch black and walking around armed with only a torch

its easy to become disorientated in here and the corridors feel endless and feed into diffrent sections

Sadly Plymouth Council in its ultimate wisdom feel the need to fill places like this in with concrete instead of preserving them for heritage purposes

as I type this I’ve heard that the council have now poured concrete into the shelter

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