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Category : Bunkers, Shelters & Forts

Fort Bovisand, Plymouth

A look inside this former Plymouth Fort which has now been repurposed Visited June 2008 Plymouth, UK In use   Former jetty inside the fort Work started on the main part of the fort in 1861. Originally intended to have two stories of casemates like Fort Picklecombe, the design was altered during construction to a single storey of 23 granite casemates with armoured shields. It was designed by Major (later Maj Gen) Whitworth Porter and was built by George Baker […]

Central Park Air Raid Shelter, Plymouth

A look inside the former Air Raid Shelter in Plymouth Visited June 2018 Plymouth, UK (Sealed)   Walkway of shelter with remains of the concrete supports for benches either side There were at least four public air raid shelters built in the park to protect local residents from the Blitz. They were cut into the ground and covered over with concrete slabs and earth. One remains intact on the park’s southern slopes although it is not generally accessible. On the […]