Butleigh Hospital

“We decide to visit Butleigh Hospital but spent about 20 mins inside as most of the upstairs was not accessible due to a major fire so that left us the ground floor.

The whole place has that musty smell but we continue on

(apologies for poor pics my phone was not playing ball today) “

                                   History of Butleigh Hospital

Butleigh Cottage Hospital built south of Butleigh village in 1882 with a surgeon’s house.

It ‘s endowed by Sir George to receive the sick of Butleigh, Baltonsborough, Compton Dundon, West Pennard, Barton St. David, Kingweston, Keinton Mandeville, and West Lydford. 

The hospital treated 55 in-patients and 280 out-patients in 1892. On Census day 1911 there were 5 in-patients and 6 resident staff and c. 1948 the staff comprised a matron, 10 nursing and midwifery staff, and 5 others.The hospital became part of the National Health Service. 

A nurses’ home was built 1948 and a children’s ward established in 1949.

In-patients includes maternity cases, until 1977, and ear, nose, and throat cases.

There were 25 beds in 1964.

Most out-patients were receiving physiotherapy and a new unit opens in 1969.

The hospital was open in 1998.

The building as far as we know has now gone


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