Bourton Mill

Bourton Mill used to process wet foods and turn them into powder such as milk.

we took a good look around and even found the machines that dried the goods into a fine powder.

you can still see the water rushing down and under the building. 

History of Bourton Mill

The site has a long history being mentioned in the Domesday Book.

In the 18th century, it begins as a foundry, at the beginning of the 20th century is owned by Hindley’s.

They built and exported heavy engineering plant around the world and even built a steam-powered lorry. 

Power to the plant is by what is reputed to be the largest water wheel in Europe.

This wheel removed during WW 1 presumably for its value as a metal for the war. 

During its time as a food factory, it changed from collecting milk from the farms and distributing it to various dairies for bottling and doorstep delivery to predominantly a processing plant to dry and granulate milk.

The milk dryer installed in approximately 1936

it remains working until the factory closed was testimony to the German Engineers who built and installed it.

The plant closed in 1998 and is now awaiting redevelopment

outside Bourton Mill
Court Yard of Bourton Mill
Tank Holder Bourton Mill

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