Barrow Hill Hospital

Outside Barrow Hill

Barrow Hill constructed between 1934 and 1937 under the supervision of architect Sir George Oatley of Bristol.

Barrow took in patients in 1938 and officially opened a year later.

after four months Barrow Hill was a Royal Naval Hospital following the second world war.

The Navy stayed at the hospital until Autumn 1946 when they returned control to Bristol Corporation

greatly easing the overcrowding at Bristol Mental Hospital, whose population had grown throughout the war.

In 1959 changing attitudes to mental health leads to a subtle change in the hospital’s name to Barrow Hospital.

In 2003 Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust announced their intention to close Barrow Hospital and transfer its services to the new purpose-built units in a £60 million project

The initial plan was a phased closure to take place by 2008 but in a national survey of hospital cleanliness conducted in 2005

Barrow Hospital found to be the dirtiest hospital in the country.

Inspectors stated the hospital had “an unacceptably dirty environment”.

The entire hospital closure plans brought forward,

With the final ward emptied during the summer of 2006.

Most of Barrow Hospital has now gone with new houses being placed on site

Barrow Hill Exterior
Barrow Exterior
Barrow Hill room destroyed
one of barrow hill many corridors
Barrow Hill doctors office


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