Aalen House is a small nursing home that is based in Okehampton

It was vacated and residents were moved into units in Hatherleigh

Entering was pretty straight forward and instantly the smell of decay hits you when you first enter

Decay has set in pretty bad here with plaster falling down and mouldy walls along with some residents personal effects laying in hallways

One of the rooms is really high with cardboard and the like and entering a room “Adolf’s Room”

we find more residents possessions in this room including worryingly residents records

Climbing the damp staircase we find more residents rooms which are bare now

we also find the residents living room where they would pass the time

following the corridors along into another part of the building we find the mangers quarters

and staff rooms where the staff would sleep when spending the night shift here

we also came across evidence of rough sleeping in the upstairs parts of the building

The main plan for Aalen House is to tear it down and rebuild houses but presently no action has been taken

Aalen House still stands empty as we post this and no news on when it will disappear

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