South Efford House

South Efford House, which faces north-east, consists of a principal central portion, with two wings. South Efford House, on the south bank of the River Avon, is though t to originate in the late C18 […]


Steer Point Brickworks

No longer viable the Steer Point Factory, located near the Yealm estuary in Steer Point Road, Brixton, was once part of ‘the brickbusiness’ group. The original brickworks dates back to the 1890s but the present […]


Lee Bay Hotel

On a hot day we head to Lee bay, this foreboding hotel sat on the seafront looks menacing, it involved a lot of climbing but once inside we could chill. We decide to work from […]


Bus Heritage Centre

Bus and coach awaiting restoration We ask that people do not visit here without permission we gained this via email. we have heard reports that mindless idiots are now trashing some of the buses Please […]


Plymouth Civic Centre

As part of the plans to rebuild the city, Plymouth Civic Centre designed by city architect Hector Stirling. Although his design is approved in 1957, the architects Jellicoe, Ballantyne & Colleridge are given authority to […]