The Brunel buildings (Totnes Dairy) used for various storage purposes

including, during the early parts of the 20th century, as a warehouse for Symons Cyder.

In 1934 the complex of buildings taken over by Daws Creamery and opened the following year.

In 1937, the site’s acquired by Cow & Gate.

Milk’s collected every day from 350 local farms, taking in and processing 7000 gallons of milk a day. 

1966, at the sites peak as a processor of dairy products, run by Unigate Dairies, it’s taking in milk from 1,300 farms, over 65,000 gallons per day.

At that time, Ron Wheeler, the works manager, told a meeting of Totnes Rotary Club that the site produced over a ton of clotted cream a day!

May 2007, Dairy Crest, takes over the site from Unigate in 2000, announces that they are closing their operations there

With an eye to selling the site to developers, Dairy Crest began moves to demolish the Brunel Building,

following a fierce community campaign, English Heritages original decision not to list the building was scrapped.

A number of celebrities, including Jeremy Clarkson, gave their backing to the campaign

Totnes Dairy is a strange one for us as it was the first dairy we had explored

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