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About us

Finding secret places

It’s amazing what you can find behind closed doors, some buildings hold an inner beuty that is often hidden from public access. We go into these places to try and document locations before they are either bulldozed or decay further

Who is Urbanexboi?

We are a group of friends who like to explore abandoned buildings. Urbanexboi is owned by Urbanexboi Ltd and we operate over facebook, Online site and Youtube.
Urbanexboi does not condone or encourage trespass, breaking the law or unsafe behavior.
we do not break the law when entering a site and neither should you. Entry is never forced.

do you break into places?

No we always look for an access point like an open window or doors that are open. If legally we cannot get inside we walk away and we have walked away from many locations. We do not condone those who break into locations as it spoils the hobby for the rest of us

How do you find abandoned buildings?

We scour google maps and buildings at risk register and pin point onto google maps

Can you tell me the locations?

Unfortunetly we do not give locations out to “codenamed” properties this is usually as a deterrent to those who have alterior motives

Why do most of the locations include the real name or address?

Some have been refurbished or simply knocked down or have been vandalised

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