Usually During Explores we wonder if such places are haunted or even if there is such a thing. while we dont suggest either here are a few things we have caught that we think are unusual

Penhale Camp

For those who don’t know Penhale the site sits near a cliff with the nearest village (Holywell) which lies about half a mile away although when on site all you can hear is the sea.

The most memorable one for us and were kicking our-self for not having our equipment on was when we was roaming the old chapel / Hospital we stopped in a corridor and were chatting … all of a sudden we hear a young girl call out “Jodie” clear as day but unfortunately we cannot prove this

Whilst roaming around we caught a few EVP’s we cannot explain due to the remoteness of the site and being the only ones here

The following sounds like someone saying Oi ( Sounds like an old fashioned army general)

In this one, we caught what looks like an “Orb” while you can see that we do not capture any dust during the video as to what this could be.

Although we did ask the orb to show itself while taking a series of pictures in the locations I asked to present itself in which it duly did

This one was a strange one and has divided the team on what we can hear while some of us hear “Matt hew” others cannot hear it. This is strange because one of the guys that were with us that night was called Matthew

Barrow Gurney

Barrow Gurney was a weird one this former hospital/asylum threw up many things like the couple in the old Victorian pram whose kid was very silent while they made their way across the site lightning fast. One afternoon we caught these green “orbs” which we only noticed while reviewing pictures

what this is we dont know it could be lens flare but it was an overcast day

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