The Cooperage was once the beating heart of Plymouth’s music scene.

An long-established name on the national touring circuit, it would attract some of the county’s finest bands.

And it was a second home for the city’s own musicians, hosting every artist and band who were anyone on the scene and playing a vital role in cultivating young talent.

A little band called Muse, from nearby Teignmouth, were among them. They played The Cooperage (sometimes to almost nobody) five times in 1997 alone before the band exploded onto radios and TVs all over the world.

But the venue was never far from the headlines. Its millionaire Lottery-winning owner sold up when his money started running out, only for the new man to be sent to prison.

The Cooperage closed and despite campaigns to revive it has stayed that way ever since – recently only narrowly escaping demolition in a student flats plan.

Plymouth’s music scene moved on – the now-bulldozed White Rabbit at Bretonside picking up the mantle – and is now dominated by Mutley Plain’s sister venues The Junction and The Underground.

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